How the Products Work
Our products contain Hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a
natural substance with exceptional lubricating
qualities. It is found naturally in the body with the
highest levels being found in the skin and joints.
There are also high levels found in the eyes,
cartilage, heart, spine and ears. The importance of
the lubrication of joints and decreasing joint pain and
inflammation has been well documented. It is also
important in vision, integrity of tissues, bacterial
invasiveness, elasticity of skin and circulation.

Unfortunately, as our pets age the levels of HA
decrease. When this happens, tissues lose their
elasticity resulting in wrinkles and aches and pains.
Painful joints are often deficient in Hyaluronic acid.
The joints are not adequately lubricated which
results in pain and inflammation. HA is not only
important in normal joint function but also plays a key
role in numerous physiological functions.