hip dysplasia.  She has improved greatly and they have made a big difference to her quality
of life.  She is brighter, has more energy and does not seem to favour her leg as much.

I would not be without either The FlexLotion or the FlexCream .  Both products are excellent
for inflammation or irritation.  My male wheaten has allergy problems and will get irritated
paws.  An application of either of these products brings almost instant relief.

Janie Miller
old has been on them for about 1 1/2 yrs now and it has made a major difference in him. He
used to be very stiff when he would first get up and you could tell that he was hurting
especially if he had been sitting or laying for a little while. Now he runs and jumps with the
cart with Katie in it for the entire 2 mile parade last year.
cart with Katie in it for the entire 2 mile parade last year.

Hazel has also been on them for about 1 1/2 yrs. Hazel was the worst eater I ever had. She
would pick at her food and sometimes go an entire day without touching any food. We had a
terrible time getting her to gain weight. Since being on the FlexTabs she gobbles up her
food and she now has the most beautiful coat and looks so healthy and definitely has more
energy. Hazel was born with a lot of medical problems but no one would ever know it to
look at her.

Casey is also on it as a preventative. He is my jumper. He does not believe in using stairs no
matter how high they are, so I am trying to protect his joints and bones by keeping him on
this as well.

Barb, Wayne, Scruffy, Casey  & Hazel